Mr.Rameshraoji Adaskar
(Shri. C.S.S. Sanstha,Adas)

                         The student must be educated to become the instruments to develop an integrated nation out of our diversities.Only then we may make out the quality in education. They must be made acquainted with the noble human sentiments of our Constitution and impressed with the passion to implement them into socio-political realities.The students,whocome out of a school in which education has been done properly and successfully,can surelv realize his or her brothers and sisters.
                        A teacher has not only to instruct but also to inspire the students. He or she has to influence the life and character of his or her students, and furnish them with ideas and values which will fit them to enter the flow of national life as worthy citizens.You have to do all these during the years ,they are under your influence in the school. You have to educate them on the need to reconize the equality of men and women in our democracy,to discard all caste superiority and arrogance,untouchability,and communal distinctions and antagonisms,and to strengthen the dignity of individual and the unity of the nation,as our Constitution proclaims i belive that,Sharda English School can do it and is doing it fruitfully.
                     The modern concept of education defines it as a process of participative learning focused more on modern and technical changes of the societies and multi-dimensional applicability of knowledge gained,in various departments of human development.The basic human rights and duties should be maintained and secured through education. It is about creating awareness about selfless social responsibilities, independent thinking,self confidence and self reliance.It aims at exploring the talent of each child so as to enable him or her stand out in his orher own way,as an achiever with profound ability to take up challenges willingly and confidently.
                    I pray,may the God strengthen you to enable your pupils to be shaped out as a holy and human being to do the best for the nation.

Best Wishes...!

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